Steps Nurses Should Take While Dealing With Difficult Doctors

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February 22, 2019
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May 25, 2019
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Steps Nurses Should Take While Dealing With Difficult Doctors

Steps Nurses Should Take While Dealing With Difficult Doctors

The utmost goal in the health and medical industry is to provide the best, safe, and effective care to the patients. Make sure to remember your promise, “First, do no harm”.

But, when a doctor in your team acts like a real jerk, that can leave a negative impact on your work and work ethics whether you like it or not.

The consequences one has to bear while on the receiving end of dreadful behavior, inculcates potentially preventable unfavorable events, mistakes, arrangements in safety and quality, and loss of life of patients.

So, opt for these tips and help to minimize inter-professional conflicts and similarly encourage mutual respect within the organization:

Never Fan The fire

Heated arguments during a stressful instance is not a smart choice.

Working and managing your own tone has always been the key factor for maximizing productivity. Even, the working healthcare professionals believe that avoiding disclaimer while being calm and direct build bridges rather then walls.

In addition, try not to buzz over the situation in front of your co-colleagues. This surely weakens your position and leads towards the passive aggressive behavior that creates a toxic workplace.

Understand Your Workplace Policies

Find out what your workplace policies are, considering some of the policies are already in place.

So, before taking any action – remember to follow the guidelines to the exact letter.

If, there have been no policies yet incorporated, try to advice one to your superiors. It puts a framework into the place that makes sure no such incident go unreported and continue the process like this.

The nurses and doctors should be working on the same platform of joint committees to discuss the working relationship, or clutching them together informally.

Can We Just have A Word About This

Once you are calmed, and well equipped with the policy, begin with a simple conversation.Steps Nurses Should Take While Dealing With Difficult Doctors

A nurse can always tell a doctor “You are a great physician, but the way you deal makes everyone feel bad ”. We are here to help you.

But, the worst thing one can do is turning a blind eye to this behavior and letting it go unnoticed. This simply enables it. But, heading straight forward to the Human Resourcing representative is also not considered as a great option.

Privately telling the doctor that you didn’t appreciate their words and mannerism works better rather than a public discourse.

Try To Work In Their Shoes

As you know, nurses are socialized to be non-aggressive and achieve consent. Whereas physicians are socialized to take decisions.

They had practiced medicine with endless paperwork and other administrative concerns. So, understanding the physician’s behavior, giving them a peace hearing, providing appropriate counseling, training, and support can go a long way.

Being a nurse, you can include in your confrontation about understanding their stress – “ we understand your pressure” or rather starting with a question “I would like to understand why you snapped at me in the OT”?

Get some more handy tips on how to deal with difficult doctors or The disruptive physicians.

In The End…  Continued disruptive behavior needs call of action for the individuals counseling with conflict management, customer satisfaction, communication skills and sometimes substance abuse.

And, if you look for an approach to maintain the morale of other employees in your medical institution, get in touch with the Dr. Jacob DeLaRosa and his team.

You can refer this book as a guidance for seeking training on how to speak up in a professional manner.

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