Dr. DeLaRosa and his team are able to address the multiplicity of internal and external factors affecting disruptive behaviors by physicians and help them adjust to today’s healthcare environment. As a practicing surgeon he is in the trenches every day. He understands the pressures that physicians and surgeons go through when there is a complication, a new nurse, late night phone calls, and all the documentation. From the operating room to the C-suite, he understands and brings a perspective on how to address these issues and where the behaviors are coming from by the physicians.

Hospitals and organizations are under extreme pressure by regulatory agencies, shareholders, and the ultimate profit margin. Physicians are also under extreme pressure providing care to their patients. Dr. DeLaRosa is able to show both entities from top to bottom how they need to take a pro-active role in avoiding burnout and practicing best care in order to change the culture.

Many organizations are reluctant to address this issue be it financial, reputation, etc. but the negative impact of disruptive behaviors on clinical performance is well documented.

Dr. DeLaRosa will help develop policies and procedures for confronting and assisting disruptive physicians and helping them continue to practice medicine.


  • Conferences
  • Education
  • Facilitation
  • Site Visits
  • Assessment of Organization Culture and Commitment
  • Team Collaboration
  • Medical Staff Satisfaction
  • Nursing Satisfaction
  • Develop Policies and Procedures
  • Confidential Reporting Structure
  • Patient Safety
  • Triggers
  • Interventions
  • Physician Support

If your organization is facing issues with physicians unorderly behaviour, we recommend reporting unsafe working conditions to the authorized personnel for prompt redressal.

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