Secure Yourself from Unsafe Work Environment and Imminent Hazards

Doctors and physicians are often revered as charismatic personalities that could never be deemed of inappropriate or disruptive behavior. However temper outbursts, loud profanity and throwing instruments in anger is becoming more common every day.

All this contributes to unsafe work environment at workplace.

Dr. Jacob DeLaRosa and his team is trained to resolve these conflicts that arises out of behavioral disorders. As a seasoned medical professional he has comprehensive knowledge of the profession that constitutes work environment of extreme job pressure, late night calls and operation rooms.

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Dr. DeLaRosa along with its team members organize counseling sessions that aids constant support and further assists in increasing productivity, morale and building an environment of patient care.

Collaboratively the team is skilled to save professionals and patients from the imminent dangers that a medical practitioner with a disruptive behavior can bring about in the workplace.

Resolving Conflicts & Maintaining Order

Conflicts can be of multiple character- ranging from minor disagreements to bigger controversies.

Most often Nurses, technicians and laboratory specialists report face demeaning attitude at the hands of seniors. An experienced doctor could torment freshers with his/her dominant character.

Managing violence in the workplace could be time consuming. However, it is pertinent for hospitals and healthcare professionals to seek the behavioral disorders and check unsafe work environment at the right time to decrease employee turnover rate.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) - a federal organization that assures the safe and healthy working conditions for employees, employees are entitled to some rights-

  • An employer is required to follow health and safety standards and provide training for the same.
  • An employee has the right to protect himself/herself from poisonous chemicals and exposure to hazardous work conditions.
  • Request for workers’ rights and report work injury
  • The employer should fix all workplace violations and protect them from hazards.
  • File and report unsafe working conditions or file a complaint of retaliation for exercising your rights

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Use our services to Uproot the Disruptive Behavior

Don’t let your organization and your employees be harassed by the negative and disruptive behavior by medical practitioners. You need to take a proactive role for maintaining the best practices and the right culture.

Dr. DeLaRosa renders services that can help you develop better policies and procedures for confronting unsafe work environment and supporting to resolve disruptive behavior disorders amongst physicians and medical professionals.

Additionally, Dr. DeLaRosa provides consultation to organizations to transform the work environment for physicians from exerting to encouraging. This ensures patient safety and a more functional medical team that is immensely caring.

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