Do You Think Disruptive Behaviour Needs HR Intervention?

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May 25, 2019
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Do You Think Disruptive Behaviour Needs HR Intervention?

Disruptive physicians have been drawing the attention of medical fraternity around the globe, for all the right reasons. For most of the healthcare providers and doctors out there, practicing medicine every single day of their life is draining!

Do You Think Disruptive Behaviour Needs HR Intervention?

Given the insurmountable pressure most medical practitioners have to deal with, having a doctor lashing out in front of patients or other visitors must not raise a brow! It is indeed mentally exhausting and physical hard to sustain the pressure for hours, often without a break!

As per American Medical Association, in its Code of Medical Ethics, “personal conduct, whether verbal or physical, that negatively affects or that potentially may negatively affect patient care constitutes disruptive [physician] behavior”.

Despite agreeing to every plausible reason for behaving in a specific manner, this is an uncalled-for incident. It is utterly disrespecting/discouraging for the victimized employees and medical staff and affects the faith of the patients on the doctor.

Physicians are expected to cooperate with their colleagues, nurses and other medical staff for the best interest of the patients. But the occurrence of such disturbing incidents cast a dark shadow on the overall sanctity of the profession and raises questions on the competency of the physicians.

Do You Think Disruptive Behaviour Needs HR Intervention?

Let’s Knock On The HR Door?

Every organization, including medical, has a professional code of conduct for every employee to adhere in order to maintain the decorum. However, if someone is crossing the fine line of difference between being assertive and aggressive, HR department has all the jurisdiction to come into action.

We must remember, patients are in a sensitive state of mind, and seeks assurance from the physicians. If this connection does not build owing to physician disruptive behavior, it is a matter of time before the patients may give up.

It should never be forgotten that the medical profession merits respect from the community. And it is up to the physicians to manage it well with their overall conduct.

Often, special committees are formed to pursue any reported incident that can potentially have far-reaching consequences.  In such cases, a thorough investigation is conducted to determine the cause and the resolution for disruptive behavior.

Do You Think Disruptive Behaviour Needs HR Intervention?

Physicians with a clean track record respond to even a mild verbal warning from their colleagues. In case the disruptive behavior persists, then the physician must be officially reported to the institutional leaders.

Some of the commonly followed steps by HR: 

  • In-person interview and discussions
  • Policy revisions
  • Conference or seminars
  • Personal counselling
  • Wellness programs
  • De-stressing therapies or exercises

These are some of the methods but not all as every organization devises its own coping mechanism for such incidents.

Having HR in tow gets the desired attention of the top management and other reputed officials functioning in the same industry. Keep it in mind that the HR review must be fair and unbiased so that everyone gets a fair chance to share their side of the story.

For instance, if you have any high-profile physician or surgeon under scanner,  a filtered and formal course of action is recommended. It helps in setting a precedence and creating a benchmark to follow in future cases.

Whether you believe or not, HR is integral to the effective and speedy redressal of disruptive physicians in any hospital or medical institute.

Consult Professionals From The Disruptive Physician

In sticky situations wherein you feel the HR expertise might not be sufficient to resolve the crisis in hand, then Dr. DeLaRosa and his highly qualified and trained team can turn out to be a game changer!

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